Irish 4 ball & Ulster Cup practice matches 5th March

Games to be played Next weekend and players to meet for 07:30 – with an 8am start
If anyone can’t play,let Captains John Keane or Seamus Hasson  know for the All Ireland 4 ball team and Chris Darragh for the Ulster Cup

Manor 2016 Weekend away

On Friday August 19th thirteen golfers headed off to Farnham Estate Golf and Spa Resort with two more joining us on the Saturday morning.
The weather on Saturday was not very nice, but upon the advice of the Pro, Gavin, we delayed our start for over an hour. This was sound advice and thankfully we avoided the worst of the rain. The course itself was very playable; wide fairways, excellent greens, and not much water hazards, however it was quite wet which made it very long for the shorter hitters. The use of buggies was essential as the course was very long with long walks between the tee boxes.
Our evening meal was booked for Saturday. The general manager welcomed us before the meal started which was a kind gesture. The menu was very good and the service without fault –it is safe to say that everyone was satisfied with both food and portion size.
Sunday rolled on with the same weather as Saturday; not great initially, but it warmed up into a lovely day. Unfortunately, our luck only stretched so far as we were unable to play the 18th either day without rain.
The presentation took place afterwards in the club with soup and sandwiches served on the side. Congratulations to all the winners.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and from the feedback so did all who attended.
I spoke to Andrew Phelan, the general manager, who said he would offer us the same deal for next year, and Gavin also confirmed golf and buggies for the same rate – something to think about

Results Overall Winner : Eddie O’Kane  Second: Chris Darragh

SATURDAY – Winner – Benny O’Boyle Second – Nicholas Martin,  —-Back Nine – Eugene Cassidy, Front Nine – Stephen Wylie Longest drive – Chris Hasson Nearest the pin – Colin Elliot
SUNDAY   – Winner – Chris Hasson, Second – Noel McCann, — Back Nine – John Keane, Front Nine – Dessie Gray, Longest drive – Dessie Gray , Nearest the pin – Patrick McMullan

Hello Manor Golf Club Golfers

Kilrea Manor Golf Club News

The weekend competition of the 21st/22nd November continued to provide high scoring and 7 members again broke the 40 points mark similar to last weekend. However the winner Eugene O’Boyle with a remarkable score of 48 stableford  points was a very clear winner. His nearest rival, the runner up, Tony McLernon was six points adrift on 42.  Three players recorded twos. They were Chris Darragh, Stephen Margey, and Philip Kerr There are 3 more rounds to go and the pairing of John Keane and Tony McLernon are holding a commanding lead, and will be hard to catch.

The weekend competition of 15th/16th November turned out to be a high scoring one with no less than 7 members all with  40 points or over.The winner after the count back was  Niall McWilliams with 45, and Philip Kerr as runner up ,also on 45. As expected, with  such  high scoring there would be a fair number of twos recorded, and a  total of 5 were posted, namely by Philip Kerr, Niall McWilliams, Eugene Boyle, Charlie Hasson, and Darren Stockman.
With 3 rounds of the Winter League played out of a scheduled 7, John Keane and Tony McLernon have a clear lead over the second placed pair of Captain Dessie Gray and Past Captain Stephen Wylie  of 15 points. They will be hard to catch, but with 4 more rounds left, any thing can happen, and there is all to play for a leading number of pairings.

The  weekend competition  of the 1st/2nd November was won by John Keane with a points score of 42. Close behind were no less than 5 players with 41, and on the count back Captain Dessie Gray was declared runner up. Thirty two players competed. Only three members posted twos , and they were Stephen Wylie, Billy Gordon, and Brendan O’Boyle.


The weekend competition held on 13/14th September was won by John Keane with a points score of 44. Runner up was Seamus McLaughlin on 42. Neill McWilliams also recorded 42 but lost out on the count back. There were an impressive number of twos posted, 10 in all.
Congratulations to Charlie Hasson and Padraig Quinn on winning the Club’s Doubles Match Play competition and to Eugene O’Boyle who won the Singles Match Play.
All Cup and Prizes won during the year will be presented to the winners  on Friday evening 26th September at the Captain’s Dinner.   Members , especially those receiving trophies and prizes, are expected to be present, and come along and show their support for the Captain , Dessie Gray by putting their name on the sheet on the notice board.

Presidents Bowl

The stroke play competition for the President’s Bowl was held on the weekend of 16/17th August, and 24 members competed. It was won by Steven Mooney with a net round of 59, and the runner up was Jjeff Marks on a net 58. James Davidson won the prize for the best back 9, and Martin Donnelly the prize for the front 9. The weekend Competition on the 23/24th August was won by Philip Kerr with 38 points, and the runner up was Stephen Mooney also with 38 points, but lost out on the count back


Winner:    John Eagleson
2nd:    Brendan O’Boyle
3rd:    Jeffery Marks

Front Nine:    Martin C McCann
Back Nine:    John Keane

Nearest to Pin 4th:    Martin J Smyth
Longest Drive:    Martin McCann

Visitor Winner:    Trevor Cupples
Visitor Runner Up:    Ryan Smyth

The weather turned out very wet after a reasonably dry start earlier in the day which lasted only a couple of hours. Hence the “early birds” benefited and it wasn’t a surprise that the winner was one of those  earlier starters.  Congratulations to John Eagleson who won Captain Dessie Gray’s prize  with a total of 42 points. Brendan O’Boyle was runner up with 41, and Jeff Marks was 3rd on 39.
The prize for nearest to the pin went to Martin Smyth, and Martin McCann won the prize for the longest drive. Also many congratulations to Stephen Margey who had “a hole in one”at the 8th, the hardest par three on the course. Any one who turned up at the bar was generously treated to a drink by Stephen  The visitors Prize was one by Trevor Cupples, and the runner up was Ryan Smyth. Five players posted twos, namely, Chris Darragh, MartinMcGrath, Jeff Marks, Nicholas Martin, and Dominic O’Neill.
I hasten to add that despite the rain causing puddles on the fairways and the greens and bunkers, the players all finished cheerfully and deserve to be congratulated also.



The weekend competition on 19/20th July was won by Brendan O’Boyle with a points score of 44. Runner up was Patrick McMullan with 42 . There were quite a number of twos recorded, Martin Donnelly had two, as did Christopher Hasson.  Chris Darragh, Brendan O’Boyle, Mark Eagleason, and Chris Forde also got one each.

Captain’s Day

Dessie Gray’s Captain’s  Day is next Saturday 2nd August. All players  who intend to play must put their name down on the sheet pinned to the notice board before Thursday . Hope the weather keeps good for Captain Dessie and wish him all the best for a successful day.

Cellers Cup

The Cellers Cup competition played for on the week end of the 5th/6rh July attracted a large number of members and resulted in a tie at the top with 3 players carding net scores of 61 strokes They were Charlie Hasson, Stephen Mooney, and Eugene O’Boyle.. Application of the count back rule resulted in a win for our hard working  hon. secretary Charlie Hasson., with Stephen Mooney runner up, and Eugene O’Boyle third. The front 9 prize was won by Eugene O’Boyle and the back 9 by Darren Mc Mullan.

Captain’s Day 2014

The starting  list for Dessie Reid’s  Captain’s Day on 2nd August, is now up on the notice board, and members should  start getting their names on it as soon as possible.

Singles Match Play draw

S Wylie v C Darragh

J Davidson v C Forde

M McGrath v J Marks

B Gordon v Charlie Hasson

P Conlon v E O’Boyle

E Cassidy v Chris Hasson

M Donnelly v S Mooney

E Quinn v E O’Kane

Doubles Match Play Draw

C Hasson / P Quinn v M Donnelly / E McCart

E O’Kane / J Marks v D Gray / S Wylie

J Keane / T McLernon v D O’Neill / C Forde

B Gorden / R McGall v M McGrath / E O’ Boyle


£100 Voucher

Steven Mooney showed a  clean pair  of heels in winning the £100 Voucher Competition on the weekend of 28/29 June by carding a great score of 47 Stableford  points. Runner up on 44 points was Philip Kerr who must have fancied his chances on a score which most weekends would have resulted in a win for him.
Five 2s were posted, namely , Billy Gordon, Brendan O’Boyle, Eugene Cassidy, Aiden Mc Mullan, and Martin Smyth.

The weekend competition held on 21st/22nd June resulted in a clear win for Seamus Mc Laughlin with a score of 44 points. His nearest rival was last year’s captain Stephen Wylie, with 39. Only two 2s were recorded, one by Philip Kerr at the 8th, and Stephen Wylie at the 15th, despite a field of 26 members  competing.



Tom Toal

The Tom Toal trophy played on the weekend of 14/15th June was won by Eddie O’Kane on countback with a net score of 61 from Tony McLernon in second & John Keane in Third. Full results below.

Tom Toal Results



The weekend competition of the 7th/8th June was won by Stephen Mooney with a points score of 40. The runner up was Eugene O’Boyle with 39. It’s encouraging to see that a number of the newer members have been making their mark and winning some of the weekly competitions  It augurs well for the future. The next competition is for the Tom Toal Trophy , and I expect there will be a good turnout to compete in this  stroke play competition.


Lennox Cup

The Lennox Cup which was played on the weekend of May 30th/June 1st was won by Martin C McCann with a score of 44 points. Stephen Margey as runner up. Stephen Mooney won the front 9 and Eugen McCart won the back 9. Well done to all.

Singles & Doubles matchplay.

The draw has been made for the singles & Doubles matchplay. All preliminary & first round matches have to be played by June 29th.

Singles Preliminary Round

T McLernon        v              S Margey                             (1)

C Forde              v              Martin C McCann                 (2)

P McMullan        v              M Donnelly                          (3)

B O’Boyle            v              P Conlon                              (4)

A McMullan        v              C Hasson                              (5)

Singles First Round

S Maguire            v              E Quinn

S Wylie                 v              E McCart

M Eagleson         v              S Mooney

Winner (1)          v              C Darragh

D O’Neill              v              B Gorden

J Keane               v              Winner (4)

M McCann          v              M McGrath

Winner (5)          v              S Smyth

N Martin              v              E O’Kane

E Cassisy              v              D Stockman

P Quinn               v              Winner (2)

D Gray                  v              Chris Hasson

M Smyth              v              J Marks

J Eagleson           v              E O’Boyle

Winner (3)          v              M McColgan

S Hasson              v              J Davidson

All matches to be played by Sunday June 29th.

Handicap – Full difference of playing handicap

Doubles Preliminary Round

S Margey/Chris Hasson          v              N Martin/P Conlon                  (1)

M McGrath/E O’Boyle            v              S Maguire/M Smyth                 (2)

J Keane/T McLernon              v              B O’Boyle/C Elliott                   (3)

Doubles First Round

Martin C McCann/E Cassidy         v              D O’Neill/C Forde

D Gray/S Wylie                           v              A McMullan/P McMullan

B Gorden/R McGall                    v              S Mooney/J Davidson

Charlie Hasson/P Quinn              v              Winner (1)

E O’Kane/J Marks                      v              S Smyth/E Quinn

J Eagleson/M Eagleson             v              Winner (2)

Winner (3)                                v              C Darragh/S Hasson

M Madden/P Kerr                    v              M Donnelly/E McCart

All matches to be played by Sunday June 29th.

Handicap – ¾ of the difference of playing handicap from the “Low” man. (See separate sheet re rules)






The weekend competition held on 17/18th May was won by Seamus Maguire with a points score of 36. Billy Gordon was runner up with 35.

On the weekend of 24/25th May a stroke competition was held. There was a good turnout of members , and Seamus McLaughlin emerged as the winner with a net score 58 , followed by Martin Donnelly on 59. Martin also had the lowest gross on the day of 74. Two twos were recorded, James Davidson with one at the 10th , and Aiden McMullan with one at the 17th.
Next weekend the weekend competition will be for a £100 Voucher.
The fixtures list for 2014 is now available – see links below.
Captain’s Shotgun
The official start of the new season under the leadership of the new captain Dessie Gray kicks off with the traditional Shotgun competition on 23rd March, and a full turnout is expected . Players must assemble at 7,30am  to take place in the draw, for the 8o’clock start.
Spring League
The result of the weekend competition of 8th/9th March was won by Sean Smyth with a points score of 43, and the runner up was  Eugene O’Boyle with 42.  Two players recorded twos, namely Sean Smyth at the 13th, and Jeff Marks at the 17th.
Ulster 4 Ball Competition
Away leg to be played on Apr 13th @ Ardglass @ 2pm
Home leg to be played at the Manor on Apr 27th @1pm
Practice match for Ulster 4 Ball to be played at Ardglass on Sun Apr 6th @ 2pm. We will travel by minibus leaving the Manor @ 11:15am. Team Trials / Practice to be held at the Manor on Sat 29th & Sun 30th.
Ulster Cup
Home leg on Apr 13th @ 1pm
Away leg on Apr 27th @ 2pm
Dessie Gray was installed as Captain for 2014/15 at the recent AGM. Outcoing Captain Stephen Wylie can be seen congratulating Dessie in the photo below.
Captain’s Shotgun
The official start of the new season under the leadership of the new captain Dessie Gray, kicks off with the traditional Shotgun competition on 23rd March, and a full turnout is expected . Players must assemble at 7,30am  to take place in the draw, for the 8o’clock start.
Spring League
The weekend competition of the 1st/2nd March was won by Noel McCann with a great score of 47 points. Runner up was Sean Smyth with a good score  of 45, and must have considered his chances , as most competitions are won if one has  round of 43 or more.  in fact no less than 7 members broke 40 that weekend.
The Spring League will finish next weekend and a report of the result will be available in the next fortnight.
The weekend competition of the 22nd/23rd February was won handsomely by John Keane with a points score of 46, four points ahead of the runner up, Stephen Wylie on 42. Philip Kerr was the only player to post a  two and that was at the 3rd hole.

The Winter League has now been completed The winning pair with the most points over their best five rounds out of seven has resulted in a win for Eugene McCart and Martin Donnelly with 369 points. The runners up were John Keane and Tony McLernon only two points adrift with 367, a very close finish.   the individual winner was Stephen Mooney with a total of 195 points , the last competition of the year is a 2 ball scramble . All that remains is to wish all our members a happy a Xmas and a an enjoyable golfing new year .
The weekend competition for a Xmas Voucher played for on 7th/8th December saw some high scoring and a hole in one. Eugene McCart won the voucher with a vey impressive round of 47 points. There was a tie for 2nd place. between Stephen Mooney and Martin McGrath with 43 points each , with Stephen winning on the count back. Altogether six players broke 40 or better.  Three twos were recorded , Charlie Hasson and Stephen Wylie  at the 1st, and Eddie O’Kane at the 4th .  But the best was yet to come , for not only did Captain Stephen Wylie record a two at the first hole, he went one better the second time round by getting a hole in one at the  same hole, the 10th. Many congratulations Stephen, and one wonders how many have achieved this feat during their year as captain of their club. This was his first and what a time to do so. Fantastic.
Xmas vouchers await the winners of the weekend competitions at present . On the weekend of the 17th Nov. the winner of the Xmas voucher was Martin McGrath with 42 points. the runner up was Sean Smyth with 41 . Chris Darragh also scored 41 points  On the weekend of the 24 Nov. the winner was Stephen Mooney with 40 points  Eddie O’Kane also posted 40, but lost out on the count back.  However not to be outdone, one week later, on the  weekend of the 1st Dec, Eddie made sure of a Xmas voucher by  topping the list with 41 points , with the runner up being  Martin Donnelly on 38 . Incidentally there were four other members with 38 points , namely Tony McLernon, Sean Smyth, Stephen Margey, and Martin McCann, in that order.
The Winter League competition has completed five rounds with just two more to go , and the leading pair at this stage are John Keane and Tony McLernon with a grand total of 346 points. The nearest challengers are Seamus Hasson and Chris Darragh with 340, and Stephen Wylie and Dessie Gray with 332.    All to play for!
The weekend competition of the 2nd/3rd Nov was won by John Keane with a points score of 40. Jeff Marks with 39 was runner up., Captain Stephen Wylie also had 39 but lost out to Jeff on the count back.  Twos were recorded by Stephen Margey  and Dominic O’Neill at the 8th and 17th holes respectively.

The weekend competition on the 9th/10th Nov was won by Philip Kerr with 41 points. Runner up was  Eugene McCart on 40. Two 2s were posted by Mark Eagleson at the 4th and the 10 holes, and Dessie  Gray  got one at the 10th as well.
Winter League
The Winter League is under way. and after 2 rounds the partnership of Seamus Hasson and Chris Darragh lead the way with a combined score of 143 points  The winners will be the pairing who record the highest number of points  totalled from 5 out of the 7 rounds.
Player of The Year
The Player of the Year 2013/2014  is decided on the results of their play over 5 of the Major tournaments, and the result has been a tie between Tony McLernon and Eddie O’Kane ,a most unusual result , as the two could not be separated.  Many congratulations to them both.
The weekend competition of the 19/20th October was won by Jack Eagleson with an impressive  points score of 45, and the runner up was Dominic O’Neill with 42. They were the only two to break 40. Twos were posted by Jeffrey Marks, Dessie Gray and Pat Conlon, at the 1st, 3rd, and 10th respectively.

Past Captain’s Day

The competition was played on the weekend of 12/13th October and was won by Eddie O’Kane with a score of 42 points . Martin Donnelly was runner up, also with 42 but lost out to Eddie on the count back. Third place went to Tony McLernon with 40 points. Tony also won the prize for the best front nine, and Charlie Hasson the prize for the best back nine. Harry Boyle was the only player to record a two, and that was at the 4th hole

Manor Golf Club Charity competition in aid of “Tiny Life”

Pictured below are Kilrea Manor Golf Club captain Stephen Wylie, event sponsor Kenny Bradley (prop of “Kenny’s Conveniently Yours” shops in Randalstown, Magherafelt, Garvagh, Kilrea and Coleriaine) as they present a cheque for £700 to Gillian Breen of Tiny Life, a charity that cares for premature babies. Kilrea Manor club captain Stephen Wylie would like to thank all the people who helped make the day a major success. A special thanks to prop of the Kilrea Manor Mark McIntyre for the use of the Manor golf course for the day. Also in the photo is the winner of competition Martin McCann and second placed Pat Conlon.

On Sunday 15 Sept the Club held a Charity Competition in aid of TINY LIFE. .This N. I. charity is dedicated to reducing premature births which can result in the babies suffering from disabilities, various illnesses,  and even death. and depends entirely on voluntary contributions.
The winner was Martin McCann with an impressive score of 44 points. The runner up was Pat Conlon with 37 points, edging out Eugene McCart  into 3rd place and Jeff Marks , in 4th place also on 37. following the count back.
Twos were recorded by Brian Doherty, Eddie O’Kane,Jeff Marks, and captain Stephen Wylie.
The weekend competition on 21/22 Sept was won by Chris Forde with 42 points, and the runner up was Mark Eagleson with 41 points. Only one two was posted , and that was by Eugene McCart.
The weekend competition held on 28/29 Sept. was won by Martin McGrath with a great points score of 47., leaving the rest of the field trailing. The runner up , a long way behind was Harry Boyle, with 38 points, but pushing Charlie Hasson into 3rd place on the count back ,also on 38. A single two only was recorder and that was by Martin McGrath.
Monthly Medal
The Monthly Medal Competition held on the weekend of 5/6th October and the winner was Eugene McCart with a very good gross round of 77 net 59.  The runner up was Martin Donnelly carding a gross 83 , net 60. It is very commendable to see two of the higher handicap members coming out on top in a stroke competition . Two 2s only were recorded, and that was by Eugene at the first getting off to a good start and keeping going to go on to win, and Harry Boyle , at the 4th.

Charity Event

This years charity competition will be played on Sunday 15 September, in aid of Tiny Life. Many thanks to “Kenny’s” Supermarket & Filling Station who will be providing the prizes. Visitors are very welcome and the entry fees are £15 for visitors, and £10 for members. Support from neighbouring club members would be much appreciated.

Weekend Competition Sept 1st

The weekend competition played on Sept 1st was won by Sean Smyth with a handsome total of 45 points, beating off the challenge of Martin Donnelly by 1 point. Good to see one of our younger members coming to the fore, and congratulations to Sean on his win.

Twos were posted by Eugene McCart, Harry Boyle and Charlie Hasson.

Presidents Bowl

The competition for the President’s Bowl was played for on the 17/18 August 2013, and the winner was Tony McLernon, with a gross score of 67, net 57. Runner up was Harry Boyle who had a gross score of 74, net 60. Third place went to Jeffrey Marks, posting a gross 76, net 42.  The back nine prize went to Eddie O’Kane, and the front nine winner was Martin McGrath.  Twos were recorded by Martin McGrath ,Seamus Hasson, and Charlie Hasson.

Doubles Matchplay
Congratulations to Brian Doherty and Charlie Hasson for winning the final of the Doubles Match play
Captain’s Day

Stephen Wylie’s Captain’ Day was held on Saturday 3rd August, and was well supported by members  and visiting members from neighbouring clubs The course was in excellent condition, and our thanks are due to our grounds man Stephen for his good work .Apart from a couple of brief showers and wind, the weather was kind and the competition was a great success, with Stephen and his family hosting a continuous  light buffet throughout the day. Congratulations to them for their welcoming hospitality.
The winner on the day was Eddie O’Kane ,with 41 points, Jeff Marks was runner up on 40,  and Charlie Hasson was third on 38.

Club Outing to Carton House

The itinerary for the outing is as follows.

Check-in: Friday, 23 August 2013 (after 15:00)
Check-out: Sunday, 25 August 2013 (before 11:00)

O’Meara Course
Tee time: 24/08/2013 (Sat) at 11:00

Montgomerie Course
Tee time: 25/08/2013 (Sun) at 13:10

The weekend competition of 27/28 July turned out to be a very hard fought contest with no less than four players posting 42 points each. Charlie Hasson came out the winner on the count back with John  Eagleson  runner up.  Stephen Margey and  and  Stephen Wylie were the other players on 42.
Seven members posted twos, and they were Chris Forde, Charlie Hasson (2), Stephen Margey(2), Tony McLernon, Seamus Hasson, Nicholas Martin, and Martin McGrath.

The Competition for a £100 Voucher was played for on the weekend of the 22/23 June.. Tony McLernon ran out the winner by a comfortable margin posting an unbeatable score of 47 points. Chris Darragh, runner up,  must have thought that he was very much favourite returning a score of 44 points, perhaps Charlie Hasson likewise with 43. There were 6 twos recorded, two of them by Chris Darragh , at the1st and 3rd (what a start),  and one each by Martin McCann, Christopher Hasson, Eugene McCart, and Tony McLernon.
It is important to remind those players still in the  next round of the doubles match play, that they must play it on or before 3rd July or else they will be eliminated by default

The weekend competition on the 16 June was won by Martin Smyth with an impressive 46 points,  Martin McCann was runner up with 44 points. There were only 2 twos posted and that was by  the above two , at the 10th hole.
Congratulations to Pat Conlon on winning the Tom Toal Trophy.  Tony McLernon was runner up. The back nine prize was won by Martin Donnelly , and the front nine prize by Eddie O’Kane.

The Monthly Medal Competition held on the 2nd June was won by Dominic O’Neill.  He carded a net score of 60,  gross 80. Runner up was Martin Donnelly with a net 61 , gross 78, and third place went to Brian Doherty with a net 62 gross 75 which was the lowest gross score on the day. Congratulations to Pat Conlon who had a hole in one at the first hole. Five players achieved twos, namely, Chris Darragh , who had a two at the 1st, and another one at the 13th, Eddie O’Kane at the 4th, Dominic O’Neill at the 12th, and N Martin at the 17th.
On Sunday next the 16th June, the Ulster Cup 4 ball team go to Belvoir Park G.C. to play their 2nd round match away 1st leg. We look forward to a result there which sets the scene for  a good match at home the following Sunday.

Congratulations are due to our Ulster 4 Ball team, for winning their first round match against Clogher Golf Club. They trailed 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 after the away match at Clogher. But a magnificent fight back at home  winning 4 1/2 to 1/2  saw them through comfortably  to the next round against Belvoir , first match away. This will be a tough hurdle but if they can get something from the away encounter such as they did at Clogher ,then there is all to play for.
The weekend competition of 19 May was won by Tony Mc Lernon with a points score of 40 , and the runner up was John Keane with 36..
Tony  also won the following weekend competition after a count back,,N Martin being the runner up, both on36 points.  Twos were posted by John Keane and Martin McCann at the 4th hole, and by Martin Smyth at the 10th.  This is the second time in a row that a same player has won  consecutive weekend competitions,
The draws for the singles match play and the doubles competition have been posted  on the noticeboard and members are reminded  that the 1st round of the singles must be played on or before the 21 June, and the 1st round of the doubles on or before 28th June.

The weekend competition of the 4/5 May was won by Brian Doherty with a points total of 40. Martin McCann also scored 40, but lost out on the count back. One two only was posted and that was by Eddie O’Kane.  Brian Doherty followed this win by winning the following weekend competition on 11/12 May with  a score of 38 points. and the runner up was Chris Darragh with 37. Again, only one two was posted and that was by Martin McCann

The Captain’s Shotgun which had to be rescheduled due to the severe weather conditions earlier, took place on Sunday the 28th April and the winning team of 4 with the best 3 cards was John Keane, Eaneus Quinn ,Miller Eagleson, and Paddy Doherty, totalling  117 points.
Following a light lunch they received their prizes, and there was also a short prize giving ceremony for the following winners of the competitions held at the latter part of last year and early part of this year. Winners of the Doubles Matchplay 2012 , were Chris Hasson and Stephen Margey , and the runners up were Eddie O’Kane and Jeffrey Marks . The Singles Matchplay winner 2012, was Charlie Hasson ,runner up Eddie O’Kane. The winner of the President’s Bowl 2012, was Stephen Margey. runner up, Seamus Maguire The back nine was won by Martin McGrath, and the front nine by Richard McGrath.. The winner of the Past Captain’s Day 2012  trophy was Tony McLernon, the runner up, Eddie O’Kane. The back nine winner was Martin Donnelly, and Martin McGrath won the front nine.  The Winter League winning pair were Tony McLernon and John Keane with a total of 478 points, the runners up were Charlie Hasson and Brian Doherty with 448 points.  the individual winners were Chris Darragh, Eugene McCart and Jeffrey Marks , all with identical totals of 223 points.
The Spring League Competition 2013, where teams of 7  competed, was won by Eugene McCart (capt), Eddie O’Kane, John Keane, Eaneas Quinn, Pat Conlon, Christopher Hasson and Billy Gordon. totalling 925 points. The winning individual prize was won by John Keane with 160 points.   Finally, best wishes to our new Captain Stephen Wylie as his season is now well and truly up and running.

Captain’s Shotgun

The Captain’s Shotgun competition which had to be postponed due to the weather has now been rescheduled to be played on Sunday 28 April. All those who wish to take part must get their name on the notice board sheet ASAP. On the day players should assemble at the golf office at 7.30 am, in time for the shotgun start at

Spring League

The  Spring League Competition has now been completed and the result is a win for the team captained by Eugene McCart. The members of the team were Eugene McCart (Capt), Eddie O’Kane, John Keane, Eneas Quinn, Pat Conlon, Christopher Hasson, and Billy Gordon with a total of 925 points.

The individual winner was John Keane with a total of 160 points. .

Easter Hamper
The Easter Hamper competition was won by Dominic O’Neill, and the runner up Hamper went to Chris Forde. Congratulations all round.


The winner of the weekend competition of the 2/3 March was Dominic O’Neill, with an impressive return of 46 points. The runner up on 42  points was Eugene McCart with 42 points. Charlie Hasson also scord 42,  but lost out to Eugene on the countback.  Five twos were posted , by Pat Conlon at the 1st, Brian Doherty at the 8th, Charlie Hasson and Eddie O’Kane  both at the 12th, and the winner, Dominic  O’Neill at the 13th.

Captain’s Shotgun
Next Sunday  Stephen Wylie’s Captain Shotgun competition takes place, and all those who wish to take part must get their name on the notice board sheet not later  than Thursday. when the draw will take place for the teams of four. Players should assemble at the golf office at 7.30 am, in time for the shotgun start at

Congratulations to our new Captain Stephen Wylie who has won the weekend competition of the 23/24th February with a score of 40 stableford points. John Keane was runner up. He  also recorded 40 points but lost out on the countback. There were three twos posted,   one by Stephen at the 1st , one by Seamus Maguire at the 8th, and one by Charlie Hasson at the difficult 17th.

The first round of the Spring League Competition  commenced on the weekend of the 16/17 February and marks the start of the 2013 competitive season in the Club. It is a team competition, each team of 7 play over 5 weekends, and the best 5 cards out of 7 each weekend  count towards the total points score. The weekend competitions run concurrently along side  using the same scores recorded by individual players.

The winner of the 1st weekend competition held on the weekend of the16/17 Feb, was John Eagleson with 40 points, and the runner up was Eddie O’Kane with 38.  Only one 2 was posted and that was by Padraig Quinn.

Inter Club Competitions
The draws for the Ulster Cup and Ulster 4 Ball competitions has been posted and in the first round of the Ulster Cup we have been drawn away against Royal Portrush, to be played on or before the 29 April,  and in the Ulster 4 Ball competition we got a bye into the second round playing away on or before the 29th May to Clogher Valley G C .


The AGM took place on Monday 4th February at 7.30pm. Last years captain Chris Darragh thanked all committee members and fellow golfers who helped make his year such a success. He also welcomed the new captain Stephen Wylie to his post. In his finishing speech he said that the club would be in good hands with Stephen as captain .The Kilrea Manor Golf Club would like to wish Chris all the best and express thanks for his contribution during his captaincy. Also new to his post in the club is the very distinguished Dr Marshall Eakin who takes over as club president from Seamus Maguire. The Kilrea Manor Golf Club would like to thank Seamus for all the hard work in the last nine years as president which was carried out with great distinction. Not enough praise can be given to such a dedicated member and the club will always be indebted to Seamus for his tireless work throughout the term of his presidency. Seamus has always been there for the club in a very cool and calm way so once again thank you from all the committee and members past and present. Dr Marshall has a tough act to follow but I am sure he too will serve with great distinction. The following office bearers were elected for the year 2013.

Hon Presidents —— M and P McIntyre
Club President ——- Dr Marshall Eakin
Club Captain – —— Stephen Wylie
Vice Captain ——– Dessie Gray
Hon Secretary ——– Charlie Hasson
Asst Secretary ——– Chris Darragh
Hon Treasurer ——– Pat Conlon
Asst Treasurer ——– Stephen Margey
Comp/ Handicap Sec.– Eddie O’Kane
P R O s ——— Dr Marshall Eakin and Harry Boyle
Junior Convenor ——-Seamus Maguire

Committee members

Seamus Hasson
Jeff Marks
Chris Forde
Chris Hasson
Eugene Mc Cart

Winter League
The Winter League at the Kilrea Manor Golf Club finished just after Xmas and resulted in a win for the pairing of Tony Mc Lernon and John Keane with a total points count of 476 for 6 rounds, a very impressive and consistent performance, having led from the start and stayed at the front. Charlie Hasson and Brian Doherty hung in there but could not close the gap , and finished runners up on 448. Unusually, the individual prize was shared between 3 players, with the same total, namely Chris Darragh, Eugene Mc Cart, and Jeff Marks.

Manor Captain 2017

Good luck to Christoper Hasson on his start to the 2017 season as Captain.